What would you like us to build in 2022? 🛠️

We spent most of 2021 getting the basics right by providing our members with access to accounts, payments and invoicing. Now that we’ve got this in place, we’re excited to take Parpera to the next level in 2022! :rocket:

We’d love to get your input on what you’d like us to build in 2022. Have an idea, or noticed something in Parpera that could be better? Add your idea on our product collaboration board, we’d love to hear from you!

If your idea gets votes from other member, we’d be happy to prioritise it and get it in your hands soon. You’ll also receive updates along the way so you never miss a beat.

Here are some ideas that members have added to our product collaboration board that we’ve already prioritised and built:
:heavy_check_mark: Xero integration
:heavy_check_mark: Customise and edit invoice items
:heavy_check_mark: Update and delete invoice clients

Designing Parpera alongside our community has already been a core value of ours and we hope that our product collaboration board will help us continue to deliver on this. Thank you so much to our early members who’ve already been adding to this board, we can’t thank you enough. :pray: