UX design for beginners, intro to coding, tech CTO chats and Excel for beginners (8 Dec - 20 Jan)

Hello Parpera members! With 2022 round the corner, we’ve curated some awesome events to help you reach your business goals in the new year.

:computer: BUSINESS MODEL AND TOOLS (8 Dec - 20 Jan)

  • Tech CTO Chats w/ Octopus Deploy (Terem Technologies) - 16 Dec 3-4pm AEST - In January this year, Michael Noonan (VP Engineering) from Octopus Deploy and his team set the crazy goal of growing their team 120%, from 39 to 95 people. They almost reached this goal in August and are now on the path to becoming a cohesive and high-performing team. Michael will untangle the knotted tentacles uncovered when scaling this fast: how to recognise when it’s time to grow, the organisation, team structure, and processes required to allow for scale, breeding culture that promotes productivity, mistakes they made and corrected on the fly, as well as when they found out they scaled well.
  • Ultimate UX Design Guide for Beginners (General Assembly) - 17 Jan 5-7pm AEST - Discover how design shapes our online experiences . Step into the world of user experience design with General Assembly. During our introductory workshop, explore the decision-making process that dictates how users interact with digital products and see why businesses of all stripes have put out the call for UX talent. Plus: Learn what the world of UX design encompasses and why it matters, touch on fundamental tools and techniques used by professional designers, and discover resources to continue learning about UX.
  • Introduction to Coding - No Prior Experience Needed (General Assembly) - 18 Jan 11am-1pm AEST - Interested in exploring the programming languages that power the web, or looking for guidance writing your first lines of code? You’ve come to the right place! In this free, two-hour livestream, explore the building blocks of the web — HTML and CSS — and learn how you can apply these programming languages to develop your own simple sites. All in real time, taught by an industry professional.
  • Excel Tutorial for Beginners (General Assembly) - 19 Jan 5-7pm AEST - This class will introduce a range of topics, giving students a taste of the potential that can be achieved with Excel. It touches briefly on everything from navigation and layout to using functions and formulas. This workshop was not designed to go over any topic in extreme detail, but more as a “sampler” of topics.

Please comment or post any events you’d like to share!