🤫 Sneak peak: Schedule invoice reminders so you can get paid faster

Hello everyone :wave:

We hope you had a wonderful Easter break!

Did you know that for small businesses, 53% of their invoices don’t get paid on time? This can cause a lot of financial stress so we’re building a new feature to help our members get paid faster and more on time.

We have an existing feature which gives our members the ability to send manual invoice reminders within the App. To make this even easier, we’re working on allowing our members to schedule invoice reminders as well.

Here’s an early example of the new schedule invoice reminders feature (it’s an interactive design), we’d love to get your feedback on the design :raised_hands:

Have we missed something that you’d like to see? Please post your ideas here, we’d love to hear from you.

Cindy :blush:


Love the interactive example! :rocket::tada: @Cindy

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