🖱️ Side hustling while working full-time: Product designer Derek Lieu

Derek works full-time at a startup and freelances on the weekends as a product designer. In this co-design session, we chatted about running his business as a side hustle.

Key takeaways:

:bar_chart: Exporting transactions makes recordkeeping easy - Derek exports his transactions from his bank account and Slacks it to himself to view it on his desktop. With Parpera, you’ll be able to easily export a csv of your transactions and send it to yourself via email and other messaging channels like WhatsApp, Slack and Messenger.

:hourglass: Managing expenses can be time-consuming - Derek manually tracks his expenses on Airtable as he finds his accounting platform “a bit restrictive” in terms of categorisation. With Parpera, you’ll be able to search through multiple categories to best suit your needs.

:key: A simple design is key - “What’s ideal for me is nailing the basics - from a design perspective”.

Thanks so much for your time Derek!

You can download Parpera today at get.parpera.com/app

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