Serial tech entrepreneur: Co-designing with Parpera member Mike Hill

Thanks so much to Mike Hill for your time and insights. Mike is a tech entrepreneur running 5 businesses who dialled in from his car earlier this week while parked by Clovelly Beach. With the rise of remote working, Mike embodies the digital nomad way of working as he travels to a new work destination daily!

Key takeaways:

:card_file_box: The ability to organise your money helps with budgeting: Mike finds it helpful to separate his business money into buckets to avoid having a false sense of security that he can afford certain expenses. → “When it comes to payday, my accountant says ‘Mike pay yourself this much, put this much in this account and this much in this account’”. Luckily at Parpera, we are working on building an easy-to-view dashboard to keep your money organised.

:bar_chart: An easy-to-view, customisable dashboard helps to maintain financial hygiene: “The dashboard is going to be so so so important if it can show me my upcoming GST / tax bill…and how much i’m in shortfall”.

:memo: Current invoicing options lack the ability to write notes and set repeat invoices: “Two biggest pain points for me are…having a note section somewhere where I can write a note to finance person at the company and the ability to set and forget invoices”.

Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us Mike! Be sure to check out his businesses:,, Aircamp, Puffling and Aardwolf Ventures

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