Running multiple businesses: Co-designing with Parpera member Mat Sliwinski

In this co-design session, we chatted with Parpera member Mat Sliwinski about his business banking. Mat was searching for better alternatives to managing his money, especially as he runs two businesses. Under Sakura Digital, he is a video producer and marketer specialising in the Japanese market. Under Sliwinski Digital, he runs a digital transformation agency for small-medium businesses.

Key takeaways:

:bank: Big banks fail to serve micro-businesses - “You look at the big banks and they don’t really have tools like this to be honest…so having this all together is unique”

:earth_asia: Invoicing can be a slow and manual process when serving overseas clients - Mat wants to be able to send invoices in Japanese Yen or USD given his overseas clients, without having to manually change the the currency in Word document.

:arrows_clockwise: Automating processes can be time-saving - “Automation’s the name of the game”. Mat wants a capability to automate process (e.g attaching a contract to an invoice) so that he can spend less time on admin, and more time doing what he loves.

Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us Mat! If you’re looking for a video marketing service or want to maximise productivity for your SMB, check out Sakura Digital and Sliwinski Digital.

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Thanks guys, it was great to get to know you and see what you’ve got cooking!