Parpera's first hackathon

Excited to be running our first Parpera Team Hackathon today!

We’ve set our team the challenge of coming up with new ways to add value to our members - anything goes, as long as it benefits our members!

It’s fantastic to see everyone come together (virtually) across several time zones to take part in the event and and come up with some great ideas!

So far, some of the hacks, include:
:moneybag: automations to help members save money,
:white_check_mark: a tool to simplify GST registration,
:gear: optimising our internal processes to improve service delivery,
… and many more!

We’re proud to be creating a culture that promotes creativity, innovation, and fun, while discovering new ways to better serve our member community.

Can’t wait to see everyone presenting their ideas on Monday! We’ll share more on the winner and their idea on Tuesday! :slight_smile:


I’m super proud and excited to announce the winner for our first Parpera hackathon. Congratulations to Awon’s team who delivered an amazing hack for generating reward points for our members. Complete with spinning trophies! :trophy:

From weather event-based automated savings plans to calendar reminders for upcoming invoices, the variety of ideas and ingenuity behind the hacks exceeded our expectations.

Thanks to everyone at Parpera and looking forward to our next event!

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Thank you @Nathan for hosting the hackathon :slight_smile: it was a great experience and look forward to more of these!