Parpera Equity Crowdfunding FAQs

Updates on our equity crowdfunding campaign and a place to ask any questions you may have

Hi i have some questions about the funding. So the benefits/rewards for us investor is a investor only cards and key insider and a badge. Does this mean we hold any percentage of the share in parpera? Or it is just a simple crowdfunding then in returns give us investor some exclusive benefits?

Hi @zkytey, thanks for your message and great question!

Our equity crowdfunding campaign will provide an opportunity for everyone to invest and own shares in (or a percentage of) Parpera for as little as $250.

As mentioned in our recent email update, as added benefits, we’re offering our investors the opportunity to:

  • Receive a limited-edition investor branded Parpera card when they sign-up to Parpera once we’re live
  • Be recognised as an investor in the app and on our community forum
  • Access inside shareholder information on company performance, strategic plans and much more! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions and thanks for considering investing in Parpera - looking forward to shaping the future of Parpera with you and our community!

All the best,

Hi Daniel,
Can you tell us who is your accounting software provider partner mentionned here:
“A go-to-market partnership agreement with a leading accounting software provider has been established, providing the Company with integration and marketing access to over 1 million Australian businesses.”

Also, when do you forecast going live with a beta?
What would be the core features of the beta?


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Hi @marc,
Apologies for my delayed response on this, I must have missed this when replying to the notification from your post in the other part of the forum.
Sorry to keep you in suspense on this, however, we’ll be covering those points (and much more) in detail in our offer document once it’s made available - not long to go now, finalising preparations to go live with the campaign soon :slight_smile:
Looking forward to sharing more and inviting you to invest,