Parpera Business Debit Mastercard Launch! 💳

For almost six years, I’ve dreamt of launching a debit card.


Money is one of the few things that is a common thread in almost everything we do in our lives.

And a debit card is one of the most common tools we have available to us to use money to do the things in life that matter most to us, no matter what, where, or when.

It connects the digital to the physical and is a powerful tool that can be used to encourage better behaviours and deliver better outcomes.

Australian small business owners have long been underserved and neglected by existing service providers, and when it comes to business debit cards, they’ve experienced hidden and unclear fees; a lack of contextualised and timely data; and re-badged consumer or big business solutions.

We’re changing that.

We’re proud to share that Australian business owners (starting with sole traders, soon company directors) can now use Parpera to gain fast and easy access to a fair and transparent solution that provides them with:

:moneybag: A bank account (provided by Volt Bank) - so that they can get started in minutes on their mobile and better separate their business and personal money

:credit_card: A Business Debit Mastercard – so that they can do business anywhere, anytime, with no hidden or extra fees (and a beautiful card :heart_eyes:)

:memo: In-app invoicing – so that they can invoice in seconds, and get paid faster

:bar_chart: Real-time income and spend insights – so that they can have better control of their finances

🖩 Tax insights and reporting – so that they can be better prepared for tax time

:person_tipping_hand: Human support - so that they can access personlised support, when and where they need it

The future of money for businesses isn’t about money. It’s about empowering people and giving them everything they need to make business easy and focus more on what matters most.

And Parpera will lead the way in making it happen. :rocket:

Dreams can come true. You just need persistence, resilience, and to be surround by the right people.

Thank you to our team, community, and investors, and partners, Railsbank, Volt Bank, Mastercard, Placard, and Global Processing Services for your hard work in bringing our solution and Australia’s first embedded finance business debit card to life! :pray:

Finally, thank you Yahoo Finance Australia for covering our debit card launch – link in the comments :blush:

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