🎨 Painting a better way to do business: Co-designing with Lachlan Becker

Lachlan is a construction painter. In this co-design session, we chatted about his experience as a contractor who has been running his painting business for years.

Key takeaways:

:memo: Creating quotes in-app helps to speed up bookings - While Xero has a quotation feature, Lachlan finds it difficult and time-consuming to use. He wants to send quotes easily and provide clients with a way to accept or reject the quote online to save time from following up.

:credit_card: Having a “pay now” feature to send to clients helps you to get paid faster - Lachlan wants a payment option for clients to immediately pay him. Parpera is solving this problem by building a page that members can share with their clients to accept card payments.

:iphone: An all-in-one platform makes it easy to manage your business money on-the-go - Lachlan finds it convenient to be able to categorise and track transactions on-the-go instead of manually doing it on a spreadsheet closer to EOFY. “I wish there was something like this when I started contracting”.

Thank you so much for your incredible insights Lachlan!

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