Our very first live transactions! 💳

I’m very proud to share a significant milestone achieved by our team this week - instant digital business account set up and our very first live transactions! :iphone::credit_card::coffee::raised_hands::tada:

A massive thank you to our team - @Nathan, @Dave, @Ahijith, and @Andrew_D - who’s quietly and tirelessly put in an enormous amount of effort to achieve this milestone within months!

Further, thank you to our growing member community, investors, partners, and the wider community for your ongoing support in co-designing Parpera and continuing to refine our proposition!

We’re rapidly deploying new features and we’ve commenced our closed Alpha (MVP) testing with our team, friends and family!

We believe that money is at the centre of everything we do in our lives. These first transactions are further steps towards delivering on our promise and improving the way people to set up, manage and grow their business!

We’ve got lots of work ahead of us before we can fully launch to the public and deliver on our promise but I couldn’t be prouder of what our team has achieved and we’re excited to share this important milestone with you!

Finally, as we power towards our full-launch, we’re hiring again! :rocket:
:desktop_computer: Full-stack engineers
:iphone: Cross-platform mobile engineers
:open_hands: Member growth and support managers

If you or someone you know is passionate about designing the future of money for business owners and wants to join our mission, please get in touch!


Really nice to see it all come together after many months of hard work. Dave, Ahijith have been absolute delivery powerhouses and big thanks to Dan and Andrew for paving the way and allowing us to stay focused the whole time.

A BIG THANKS to all our talented engineers, UX/UI designers, product and support managers as well as everyone in the wider Parpera community who have helped us get to this significant milestone! We really appreciate your support!

I’m proud of the product that’s finally been put into the hands of our Alpha members, needless to say there will be many more iterations to come. What you may not see behind the elegant designs and iterations are the significant investment we’ve made in security and reliability. We’re creating a culture where these principles drive everything we do from UX to support. Hopefully this is the foundation that will allow the whole Parpera community (especially our members) to move forward and grow with confidence! :slightly_smiling_face: