Our First Co-Design Session!


We hosted our first co-design session last thursday with a mix of sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs from our Parpera community. A huge thank you to Trishin Seetharam (dentist), Jed Gladwin (StraightUp, IT recruitment), Nick Kumaran (serial entrepreneur and consultant), Justin Scott (tv presenter), Jo Stevenson (freelance designer), Taryn Syratt & Jeff Jaraved (founders of CAASie App, pay-per-play billboard ads) for sharing their valuable insights!

The co-design session provided an amazing opportunity to discuss and listen to our community’s needs and re-enforced the gap in Australia for a solution that specifically addresses the needs of people that are business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs!

3 key themes were identified throughout the co-design session:


“It would make it easier if there was one space to see all invoicing and [current] payment status”

Dealing with invoices can be very ad-hoc suggesting there may be scope to develop an integrated invoice management tool (e.g. raise invoices, track invoice status and send automated reminders)

Managing cashflows and tax obligations

“I have a separate business bank account that I put all GST and other taxes into, so that I have clearer visibility on what cash I actually have available”

Many of you resort to manually updating Google sheets just to track your cash flow situation. We feel having different wallets can replace the need to have separate bank accounts (with sometimes separate banks) and then make it possible to generate forecast cash flows. We could also build in budgeting tools and do expense scheduling.

International payments

“A key frustration is handling international transactions - fees & charges, accounting, GST on international purchases and dealing with multiple currencies.”

We’re all part of the global economy - whether it is paying international vendors or invoicing international clients, many of you have to deal with FX which gives rise to issues relating to tax, FX fluctuations and expensive fees. There is definitely scope to make dealing with FX less painful.

As you can see, there is so much that we can collaborate and improve on. We’ve added each of these themes as future items to address on our product roadmap.

To help us prioritise, please vote for which features you’d like to see in Parpera first!

What should we work on first?
  • Invoicing
  • Managing cashflows and tax obligations
  • International payments

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Thank you so much for participating! If you’d like to be part of our next co-design session, let us know in the comments below =)