MYOB 2020 Federal Budget Insights

MYOB recently surveyed more than 1,000 Australian businesses to highlight the issues of most importance to them ahead of the Federal Budget to be handed down next month.

Key findings for sole traders and micro businesses are outlined on page 6 of the recent MYOB Business Monitor: Budget Edition report.

Do the findings resonate with you and your business?

Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

It’s fascinating and concerning. The sole trader is neither here nor there - they are not an employee to access JobKeeper nor are they big enough to access any other government grants available.

How does the sole trader get a voice with all the COVID-noise at the moment? Back into the staggering unemployment line? Way to dash a dream. These are big numbers.

The hope is in the entrepranurial spirit of the sole trader - the resilience and can-do approach that got them there in the first place. Is this too romantic? Perhaps, but what if it’s not? What’s the next opportunity?

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