Marketing during a pandemic, SEO for beginners and social media success (16 Sept - 16 Oct)

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We know that running a business can be tricky. That’s why we’re introducing this Events category to curate information and networking opportunities to help you reach your business goals. We have grouped events into categories for easy navigation - please comment below if there’s another category you’d like us to make.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: MARKETING (16 Sept - 16 Oct)

  • Social media success in 2021 (Small Business Association) - 10 Sept 2-3pm or 24 Sept 2-3pm AEST - In this short webinar, Lucious Capers, representing Award Winning Agency, Attention Experts will be discussing: Is Facebook relevant for business in 2021?, social media trends, what’s important for social media success in 2021, how to build brand value on social media, and how to achieve sales on social media and ROI.
  • Reimagine marketing: how to market during a pandemic (Tank Stream Labs) - 22 Sept 12-12.45pm AEST - Lawrence Nathan, Head of Marketing, Futurerent, will facilitate a workshop on the best ways to market whilst in a pandemic. He’ll touch on: Responsible marketing - what this actually means, marketing no-no’s - what not to do in a pandemic, and examples of effective and creative marketing in 2020/2021.
  • SEO for beginners (Business Connect) - 28 Sept 1.30-3.30pm AEST - Are you a small business owner who wants your website to appear on Page 1 of Google search results? This webinar will develop an SEO toolkit that will help you to improve your site’s search rankings. What you will learn: What search engine optimisation (SEO) means, why SEO is important, how to speak the lingo – SEO, SEM, SERP, the importance of the Google algorithm, how to get your website found, how to get more visitors to your site, and how to get those visitors to buy.


We’re also seeking Expressions of Interest if you’d like to host an event in collaboration with Parpera for our community. This could be anything from how to automate your business flows, to managing your mental health as a business owner. This’ll be a great way to meet other business owners, share ideas, and promote your brand.

Please email if you’re interested or comment below! Please also comment below any events you’d like to share!

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