Making pottery: Co-designing with Chloe Marsh

Chloe is a pottery artist from Perth who started her business Flamin Hot Pots earlier this year. In this session, we chatted about how she manages her business admin as a new business owner.

Key takeaways:

:bar_chart: Expense management can be an admin nightmare - “I ran into the problem last financial year when I realised my transactions were all over the place and I couldn’t put it together”

:heavy_check_mark: Simplicity is key - Chloe doesn’t have a business bank account as existing options were too complex for her needs. She likes Parpera’s auto-reconciliation, categorisation and invoicing features as they are easy-to-use and help her to keep track of adhoc expenses

:people_holding_hands: Community is valuable for business owners - “I like being able to ask other business owners how to set up the business”

Thank you so much for your valuable insights Chloe! Be sure to check out Flamin Hot Pots for some fun pottery. I myself, have a vase from Chloe!

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