🥪 Lunch and learn: Jobs-to-be-Done theory

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As part of my new role at Parpera, I ran a team lunch and learn session on Jobs-to-be-Done Theory. I really enjoyed learning about it and think it has definitely improved my understanding of product and wanted to share my learnings with our community. The video and site below contains my favourite learnings :slight_smile:

:video_camera: This YouTube video of Clay Christensen which explains the theory using the example of why people bought the McDonald’s milkshake and what “job” it was serving. Did people really want a milkshake? No, but it served the purpose of making their drive into work better and keeping them fuller for longer!

:spiral_notepad: This article which contains the nine tenets of JTBD Theory which helped solidify my understanding of what JBTD achieves and how it can help provide the foundation of innovation and growth.

  1. People buy products and services to get a “job” done.
  2. Jobs are functional — with emotional and social components.
  3. A Job-to-be-Done is stable over time.
  4. A Job-to-be-Done is solution agnostic.
  5. Success comes from making the job the unit of analysis, rather than the product or the customer.
  6. A deep understanding of the customer’s job makes marketing more effective — and innovation far more predictable.
  7. People want products and services that will help them get a job done better and/or more cheaply.
  8. People seek out products and services that enable them to get the entire job done on a single platform.
  9. Innovation becomes predictable when “needs” are defined as the metrics customers use to measure success when getting the job done.

If you haven’t heard of Jobs-to-be-Done before, you should check it out, I think it will be an entertaining listen and read!

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