Lawpath: Parpera members get $100 to $240 off

Hi Parpera community members!

Our team has been busy securing partnerships to reward Parpera members like yourself. We’re so excited to introduce our first member perk.

We know that running a business involves creating and managing your legal documents - anything from starting a business, to protecting your website and IP, to managing your employees.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Lawpath to give you affordable access to:

  • Creating unlimited, customisable legal documents
  • Comparing quotes from 1000+ expert lawyers
  • Accessing on-demand legal help (Legal Advice Plan only)

Parpera members have access to:

  • $100 Off Lawpath Essentials Plan (Discounted Price = $248)
  • $240 Off Lawpath Legal Advice Plan (Discounted Price = $828)

Check out to claim your Parpera benefit.

Is there a business or service you’d like us to partner with? Comment via the navy ‘Reply’ button !