⚽ Kicking soccer goals and business goals: Co-designing with James Muir

James is the founder of a marketplace for soccer coaches and training called Treiner. In this co-design session, we chatted about how he manages his financial admin as a founder.

Key takeaways:

:card_file_box: Categorising as you go saves you time - James likes the ability to categorise transactions in-app as you go, instead of having to manually do it EOFY.

:inbox_tray: Exporting transactions into CSV makes managing expenses easy - Being able to export your transactions into a CSV file allows you to upload transactions into your accounting software or send to your bookkeeper.

:memo: Lodging your Business Activity Statement (BAS) in-app helps with reporting obligations - James suggested incorporating BAS reporting into our platform to make it easy for GST-registered businesses.

Thanks so much for co-designing with us James!

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