Introducing our Product Lead: Ahijith (AJ) Chandra!

Earlier this week, on Monday 4 January, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ahijith (AJ) Chandra to our growing Parpera team. Please join me in giving @Ahijith a warm welcome to our Parpera family and community!


Hello, I’m AJ. I have 7+ years of fintech, venture capital and professional service experience having represented some of Australia’s leading companies in these industries including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Carthona Capital and Plenti. Most recently, I worked in a senior product role at Plenti (formerly RateSetter), a fast-growing fintech serving 50,000+ Australian borrowers, where I shaped the growth of Plenti’s product suite as it matured from a start-up to an ASX listed company.

Why did you join Parpera and what will be your focus?

Having witnessed my wife run her own business, I saw firsthand how chasing invoices and managing cashflow took away from her ability to focus on and grow her business. Managing money shouldn’t be this complicated, I knew that there had to be a better way. I joined Parpera because I am excited to create better solutions that make managing money simple. I will be leading Parpera’s product management efforts and I look forward to working closely with our members and the community to create products that make running a business easier and deliver better financial outcomes for people and their businesses.

What does shaping the future of money for businesses mean to you?

I believe that money alone is worthless, the value of money is the experiences or opportunities that it affords us. Despite money and business being so interlinked, our current banking system still exists as a siloed part of our lives. I see the future of money for businesses as being one where finance is seamlessly and simply integrated into all aspects of a business allowing business owners to focus on what they truly enjoy – their business!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the introduction!

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Parpera family and look forward to speaking with many of our community members over the coming weeks and months as we build Parpera together :rocket: