Introducing Kaylee! 🎉

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey everyone, I’m @Kaylee! :wave:

Before Parpera, I held roles with the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) in the commercialisation and entrepreneurship policy space, and KPMG, in business development.

During my time at DISER, I focused on the impact of policy on Australia’s startup ecosystem and the benefits of entrepreneurship to society.

Why did you join Parpera, and what will be your focus?

I believe that entrepreneurship has the power to change the world, and the benefits of entrepreneurship far exceed that of a robust economy!

I joined Parpera as their mission to make business easier and serve small businesses, sole traders, and everyday entrepreneurs is one that I truly value.

As Parpera’s Community Manager, my focus will be growing and advocating for Parpera’s community - internally and externally; essentially, I represent you as a member and ensure all your needs and feedback are addressed and represented in our solution to better serve you!

What does shaping the future of money for businesses mean to you?

Access to financial services and education can be complicated and out of touch with what businesses need. By shaping the future of money for businesses in a community-led way, we can transform the way things are done into something more valuable and accessible for everyone.

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Welcome to the team @Kaylee, so excited to have you onboard and working with you to collaborate with and better serve our community! :raised_hands:

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Welcome @Kaylee! :tada:

We’re stoked to have you on the team. Exciting times ahead (and more name-storming sessions)! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Dave - name storming was obviously the highlight of week 1!