Introducing Eezu!

A very warm welcome to Eezu Tan who joined our team today! :tada:

Eezu joins us as our community and product analyst to help drive better member outcomes through increasing engagement with our community and ensuring your needs and feedback are addressed by and represented in our solution! :raised_hands:

It’s fantastic to have you part of our team Eezu and we can’t wait to work with you to deliver real impact and value to our members!

You’ll get to know Eezu better over the coming weeks but in the meantime here’s something we prepared earlier :slight_smile:

Tells us a bit about yourself
Hello! I’m Eezu. I’m an Economics/Global Development uni student who is passionate about building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. I’ve led diversity and inclusion at WooliesX for the past 1.5 years, worked in the cloud native businesses team at Amazon Web Services, and have also founded a social enterprise to democratise tutoring support for ESL students. I love to experiment with different ideas and build things from the ground up.

Why did you want to join Parpera?
I’m so excited to join Parpera because their mission is awesome. I think that financial products should be more accessible and transparent to the sole traders and micro-businesses that comprise 90% of Australian businesses. We are serving the entrepreneurial mums and dads of Australia who are the designers, consultants, artists etc. of our society. Overall, I’m keen to wear multiple hats in an early stage startup and to build a great community for our members.

What does building the future of money for businesses mean to you?
Building the future of money means empowering people to spend more time on their passions, and less time on the grunt work of financial management. Managing your businesses’ finances should be easy, accessible and seamless, not something that is costly and inefficient. I hope to build this future of money that truly caters to the millions of micro-businesses in Australia and across the globe!

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