Introducing David Olsen 👨‍💻

We’re delighted to announce David Olsen (@Dave) as our senior software engineer :man_technologist: :iphone: and newest addition to our growing Parpera family :heart:

Welcome to our team @Dave and thank you for joining us on our mission. We can’t wait to build the future of money for businesses with you!

We asked David to share with our community a bit about his background, why he joined Parpera, and what building the future of money for businesses means for him - here’s what he had to say:

Hello :wave: I’m David, senior software engineer and investor in Parpera.

I have 6 years experience building digital solutions for industry leaders such as Localz (last mile specialists for Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, AusPost, and many more), ZX Ventures, and most recently with RACV on an innovative project that will power a network of thousands of tradespeople across Australia.

I have joined Parpera to help build an awesome product from the ground up and will be leading the mobile application engineering efforts. I look forward to forging a beautiful user experience to complement Parpera’s trailblazing vision and world-class team!

To me, the future of money for businesses is about empowering busy people with effortless interactions that take away the busywork. Managing money shouldn’t be hard and things should just work, leaving plenty of time to focus on the things that make a business great.

Please join me in welcoming @dave to our team! :raised_hands:

For my fellow tech geeks amongst us :nerd_face:, here’s a sneak peek into Dave’s early work on our mobile application release pipeline :rocket:

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