Introducing Cindy Cui! 🎉

We’re excited to welcome @Cindy to our team who joins us as our newest a Product Manager! :tada:

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, I’m Cindy! I’ve worked in financial services, as a full stack engineer and client relationship manager, and more recently, as a technical project manager, helping charities create amazing fundraising experiences. I love bonsais (having 30+ myself) and have started a community for bonsai enthusiasts :deciduous_tree: which I manage in my spare time.

Why did you join Parpera and what will be your focus?

88% of all businesses in Australia are micro businesses (0 - 4 employees) and are significantly underserved by traditional financial services providers. Our society’s become increasingly digital and recent events have forced us to rethink how things should be done. I’ve joined Parpera as a Product Manager to collaborate with our members and community to create solutions that will better support them with setting up, managing, and growing their businesses :smile:

What does shaping the future of money for businesses mean to you?

I see shaping the future of money for businesses as a journey and a collective effort. Running a business isn’t easy, with all the admin work, reporting and tax obligations (just to name a few), but it doesn’t have to be. The future of money for businesses should be community-led so that we can truly understand and better solve their problems.