Introducing Andrew Sue! | Member Success and Ops

Welcoming Andrew Sue to the Parpera team as our Member success and operations analyst! :tada:

Tells us a bit about yourself

Hi everyone! I’m Andrew. I have a background in finance and more recently 3+ years as an early-stage startup founder, launching a gig-economy platform for hospitality workers in Sydney. We were able to grow to 3,000+ workers and business and expand from Sydney to NSW in a matter of months. I’m passionate about Australian startups who are solving real problems in today’s digital economy.

Why did you want to join Parpera?

Having launched my own business in the past, I experienced first hand the very problem Parpera is solving. As a business owner, time is everything - and the less time you spend in the operations of your business, the more time you can spend growing your business. I’ve joined Parpera as part of their Member Success and Operations team and look forward to speaking with our members and the wider community to help their businesses grow!

What does building the future of money for businesses mean to you?

The future of money is re-thinking the way people interact with financial services. If you take the simple example of card payments, you no longer need a physical card to make transactions. Through push provisioning, you can leave the house with just your mobile and simply tap and go. I’m excited to be building the future of money for businesses by driving innovations towards better experiences for businesses and people in our society.

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