I'd like to set up a 1300/1800 number for my new business (sole trader)

Hi All,

I’m in the process of setting up my new business as a sole trader - Melb-based service provider specialising in facility maintenance (i.e. electrical & gas compliance safety checks & other services) at residential level. Clients include households, landlords, property managers, real estate agents, Body Corps and eventually small commercial).

I’d like to set up a 1300 number which I can divert to my mobile. Can anyone suggest reliable and competitively priced service provider who also offers Loop system/IVR infrastructure - it’s all new to me so pls excuse me if I’m not making a lot of sense.

I understand there a various ways to set it up i.e. 1) via internet or 2) cloud based which is probably a lot more reliable in the event there’s a power outage or internet disruption. I’d like for it to have the following features: (at least some of the following)

  • email notification for missed calls
  • call recording
  • announcements/initial greeting (virtual reception)
  • receiver/whisper announcements
  • business voicemail
  • multiple answer points
  • menu for callers to choose from
  • time based & area routing
  • voice greeting
  • capture voice when busy/closed
  • to not show my mobile number (rather 1300 number or another number) when returning calls
  • be able to move to another port if change premises.

I wonder if I can simply take out the 1300 number (to keep the costs down at least in the interim), still set up the voicemail side with a professional greeting allowing customers to leave a msg on my mobile, and simply add the other features once the business grows and the volume of calls increase as a result. Be good to know what one would expect to get as a bear minimum from a service provider.

I’ve already looked into Optus which there’s would run via internet @ $27.50/month ($13.75/month for first year) for 1300 number only and additional $44/month incl. GST for Loop system (36 month contract). As opposed to 1300 Australia @$110/month incl. GST which includes both a 1800 number (no name) and most of the features I mention above also 36 month contract - not sure I’m comparing apples with apples here. Obviously, price point is important, along with service and reliability.

Thanks and look forward to your feedback.



Hey @Mina, Dave from Parpera here. Welcome to the community!

This is very much not my area of expertise but I asked a friend who is a telcom wizard and he suggested a company called Alltel. Here’s their business plan pricing page. From what I can see their premium plan covers most of the features you’re looking for at $45 ex GST per month with a $155 upfront setup fee.

It might cost extra to be able to call from your 1300/1800 number depending on your provider so you might be able to save some money if you’re comfortable switching your mobile caller ID to private for outbound calls.

Thanks for reaching out and good luck on your exciting new venture! :raised_hands:


Awesome, thank you so much David! Please thank Daniel as well. I’ll definitely look into that.

I look forward to following Parpera’s journey as well. Very exciting times all round!

All the very best,


Hey take a look at



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Hi Joey,

Thank you for that. I ended up going with Alltel. It’s good to know of others so thank you.


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Cool, glad it helped!

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