Hiring and paying employees, and USyd startup careers fair (16 Sept - 16 Oct)

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:people_holding_hands: HIRING & PAYING EMPLOYEES

  • Hiring workers (ATO) - 11 Oct 12.30-1.30pm AEST - Come along to this 60-minute session if you are thinking about hiring workers for your business. You’ll learn about things to consider before hiring workers and your obligations as an employer when hiring workers. This session does not cover how to pay your workers.
  • Paying workers (ATO) - 20 Sept 2-3pm or 13 Oct 10-11am AEST - Come along to this 60-minute session to learn about how to set up systems and pay your workers. You’ll learn about your payment obligations to your workers and your reporting obligations to the ATO. This session does not cover your payment obligations when hiring workers.
  • Startup careers fair to hire students (University of Sydney) - 14 Oct 5-7pm AEST - Are you looking to hire bright, young talent to take your fast growing Startup to the next level? Come join us for the University of Sydney’s 2021 Startup Careers Fair. “StartUp@SydneyUni”. This event provides you with the opportunity to speak to and recruit our students/graduates from all faculties including Engineering and IT, Media and Communications, Business and more.


We’re also seeking Expressions of Interest if you’d like to host an event in collaboration with Parpera for our community. This could be anything from how to automate your business flows, to managing your mental health as a business owner. This’ll be a great way to meet other business owners, share ideas, and promote your brand .

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