🚀 Helping side hustlers and soulpreneurs realise their dreams: Business coach Ryan Drake

Ryan Drake is a business coach from Brisbane with a sales and marketing background. He was looking for a user-friendly business account, like an “Up Bank, but for businesses” when he came across Parpera. In this co-design session, we chat to him about how he manages his business money.

Key takeaways:

:heavy_check_mark: Bucketing your business money makes it easier to manage cashflow and tax obligations - Ryan wanted to separate his business money into tax and GST buckets to simplify his financial admin. This feature is on the way at Parpera!

:watch: Reconciling batch payments is time consuming - Ryan finds it time-consuming to reconcile his payments from Stripe which are lumped into one batch every month.

:receipt: Offering recurring invoices to clients helps with getting paid faster - Ryan is looking for a solution to automate recurring invoices or allowing subscription-based payments for his clients to reduce the hassle of following up on invoice payments.

Thanks so much for your awesome insights Ryan!

You can download Parpera today at get.parpera.com/app

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