Frustration with CommBank

Hi Parpera community,

I’m an independent contractor in the Inner West. Tried recently to set up a business account with Commbank, and this came up. Really frustrating that online application can’t work, especially in these times where I would prefer not to be in person at a branch.



Hey Bob (@bobqin1987),

Thanks for sharing this. I empathise with your frustration as the same thing has happened to me!

It would be great to hear how long it eventually takes you to get a business account setup.

Spoiler-alert: if you end up using CBA, you’ll have to wait for their physical card to arrive in the mail, before you can setup and start using your virtual card! :see_no_evil:

We won’t have any branches and once you setup your account with us (within minutes), you’ll instantly receive a virtual card so you can get on with running your business, without having to wait for the card to make its way to you in the mail :slight_smile: