Freelancing as an Australian in Chile: A chat with Parpera member Belinda Long

We had the pleasure of catching up with Parpera member and business coach for solopreneurs, Belinda Long. @belinda_long is an entrepreneurial digital nomad who began her freelancing journey in digital content management, copywriting and web design, before becoming a business coach for millennial and female solopreneurs who are stepping out of corporate to focus on following their passions. Today, Belinda lives in Chile where she faces both the liberation and challenges of operating her Australian business digitally and remotely.

Key takeaways from running an Australian business abroad:

:dollar: High international card payment fees make running a digital business expensive - “Banks penalise us for being progressive…they’re holding us back collectively”

:bank: In-person verification when opening a business account is frustrating - It was difficult to open a business account without needing to visit a branch in-person. Belinda ended up opening a business account with a Big 4 bank, however, they charge other hidden fees which makes dealing with them painful.

:hourglass: Delayed money transfers slow down doing business - “You’d think they would 've made instant payments available for businesses first” - Money transfers take 24 hours to land which is a key blocker in her business operations. “Feels frustrating when something’s holding me up”.

Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us Belinda! If you’re a new solopreneur seeking operational strategy advice, be sure to check out Belinda Long’s business coaching.

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Thanks for the great session Eezu & Daniel, it was a pleasure! Looking forward to Parpera nailing these pain points of international banking for Aus business owners :raised_hands:


Can’t wait to see what they come up with for us international business entrepreneurs!