Equity Crowdfunding Publicly Live, $300,000+ raised!

We’re proud to announce that we publicly opened up our equity crowdfunding campaign on Equitise today, with over $300,000 in funds raised! :tada::tada::tada:

Thank you to the members of our community for your contributions to the achievement of this milestone. We’re committed to and can’t wait to build Parpera and the future of money with you!

Our goal is to raise $800,000. With 4 weeks remaining, you can support our journey by:
:moneybag: Investing via https://bit.ly/3gaSIo0
:calling: Reposting and sharing this across your networks

We’re on a mission to change the way we all interact with money and improve the role it plays in our lives. Let’s show the world the power of the crowd! :earth_asia::rocket: