Equity Crowdfunding Investor Benefits

Hi there :wave:

As mentioned in our Parpera community email earlier this week, our vision is to co-create Parpera with a community of people, businesses, and investors.

We’re excited to give you the opportunity to own a piece of Parpera, so that you can join our journey and share in our commercial and financial success! :tada:

Our equity crowdfunding round will soon launch on Equitise. Register your interest for priority access and help shape the future of money for businesses! This doesn’t commit you to anything, it simply gives you a chance to beat the crowds.

As a shareholder, you’ll get exclusive access to investor rewards. Check them out below!

If you’d like to know more about our plans, why we’re fundraising and / or have any other questions, feel free to post on our community forum.

Investor rewards

You can invest from as little as $250 and gain access to:

:credit_card: A limited-edition investor card
When we’re ready to launch Parpera, you’ll be one of our first members to be invited to use the Parpera app and receive a limited edition Parpera investor card.
Note: You’ll be able to receive the card upon completing the onboarding process on the app once it’s live

:sunglasses: An investor badge
We’ll recognise you as a part-owner of Parpera from day 1 and proudly display your investor badge in your Parpera app and community forum profiles.

🗫 Become a Parpera insider
You’ll receive key investor updates on our strategic plans, company performance, team developments and more.

Thank you for your continued support. We’re really excited to invite you to invest and to be building Parpera with you! :heart:

Wishing you all the best,




The card design actually looks brilliant! I do like the cherry blossom pink colour but just wondering if Parpera is offering another colour (sky blue) as shown on your website?

For the investment reward, is there a reward tier based on the amount of capital invested?

Great job and look forward to Parpera’s offer release in the next week or so.


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Hey Adrian (@munw),

It’s great to hear from you and thanks for your positive feedback on the card! :raised_hands:

Our initial product release will likely have one card colour. The main reason for this is the additional costs associated with printing and managing different colour physical cards. Given the early-stage of our business, for our minimum lovable product (initial) release, we’re balancing our spend across our planned product features to ensure that we solve the immediate and urgent needs of our members, while delivering an enhanced overall experience. Over time, we plan to extend the card options to other colours (including sky blue and others :credit_card:) as we expand our product and offerings.

We’ve been exploring the potential to introduce tiered investment rewards - it’s great to hear there is interest in this - we’ll announce more on this closer to the launch of the campaign and in the meantime are happy to consider ideas or suggestions :slight_smile:

We’re excited and looking forward to inviting you to invest! :tada:

Hope you’re having a great weekend,

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@Daniel Hey Daniel,

Thanks for taking the time to reply on a weekend :smile:

That’s totally understandable with one physical card colour for the time being and you are absolutely right with prioritising the company’s capital use on building the essential features for its users.

Yes, I would love to see Parpera introducing a tiered investment rewards as I have came across all companies offering a tier based rewards on other equity crowdfunding platform (e.g. Birchal). In terms of suggestions, I think the low tier reward could at least give such investors a priority access to the app release (and new features), of course not forgetting the limited-edition investor card as it really stands out :sunglasses: .

As for high tier reward, perhaps the company could allow such investors to receive more regular updates on its progress and performance on a monthly or quarterly basis? Or even get these investors onto some team meetings that are deemed suitable for investor participation. The aim is to get them more involved in the business operations of a company so that they can continue their supports (mentally, physically and financially) on the company’s growth.


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I think the rewards are great but also as a business owner you would want a little extra. Since Im sure you will be charging a monthly say you invest a min $250 you get a year fee free.
Some merch could be cool (See Up/86400)

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You’re welcome Adrian (@munw), anytime! :grin:

Thanks for your fantastic suggestion on rewards! :+1:

I love your enthusiasm and agree with your thoughts on encouraging greater investor participation and engagement in the business! We’ll consider your suggestions and aim to communicate a list of investor rewards by the end of the week! :rocket:

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Thanks for the suggestions Rene (@rhd)! We’ll consider what we can do to give a little extra to businesses and are looking into getting some merch, which we may be able to offer :slight_smile:


Thanks Daniel, for taking my suggestion into consideration. It is just my own suggestion and I believe your team and the wider Parpera community will contribute excellent suggestions and ideas on rewards offering as well.

I look forward to your rewards offering update in the coming days, and of course the beloved CSF offer document too when it is ready :sunglasses:


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Update on tiered investor benefits

Thank you for your suggestions on tiered investor benefits. We loved the idea and considered several options, however, we’ve unfortunately been advised that due to regulatory compliance requirements we are unable to offer tiered investor rewards as part of our equity crowdfunding campaign.

I can confirm that on top of owning shares in Parpera, investors will be eligible to receive an investor card (upon onboarding onto the Parpera app, when live), in-app and community investor badges, and access to exclusive investor updates.

As we progress as a business, we’ll continually look for ways to provide additional rewards and added value to our investors.

Thank you for your continued interest and patience as we finalise our preparations to go-live. We look forward to inviting you to invest very soon!