Employee share options plans and celebrating diversity in the wrokplace (16 Oct - 16 Nov)

Hi Parpera members!

Here are some events happening from mid-October to mid-November that may help you reach your business goals.

:people_holding_hands: HIRING & PAYING EMPLOYEES

  • Lunch & Learn: Employee Share Options Plans - 28 Oct 1.30-2.30pm AEDT - Are you a startup founder looking to attract the best people to help build your startup? Cake Equity are experts in this area and Callum Davidson will show you how to: attract the best talent, retain skilled staff, top up salary with options, create a great company culture, get your team thinking and acting like founders, and take advantage of tax benefits
  • Who’s included? Celebrating diversity - 20 Oct 4-5.15pm AEDT - Meet the startup and business leaders who are setting standards and increasing participation for diverse communities to enrich the startup ecosystem. Learn about work cultures that promote staff loyalty, creative output and efficiency, and appeal to new talent.

Please comment below any events you’d like to share!

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