Digital tools for small businesses, growing your bootstrapped business and more (16 Sept - 16 Oct)

Hi Parpera members!

We know that running a business can be tricky. That’s why we’re introducing this Events category to curate information and networking opportunities to help you reach your business goals. We have grouped events into categories for easy navigation - please comment below if there’s another category you’d like us to make.

:computer: BUSINESS MODEL & TOOLS (16 Sept - 16 Oct)

  • Digital options for your small business (ATO) - 21 Sept 2-3pm or 11 Oct 10-11am AEST - There are many online services and digital systems that can help you perform your business activities such as marketing, sales, accounting and reporting. Join our 60-minute session to find out the benefits of digital systems and what systems are available for each area of your business operations.
  • Unlock the value in emerging technologies (Fishburners) - 23 Sept 12-1pm AEST - Join Leila Alem, current Chief of Design & Innovation at ArcSense, for a session giving insight to a range of innovative digital products and services using emerging technologies such as AI, AR, VR and IoT, providing relevent examples from her own research in next frontier human computer interaction to design and deliver values in sectors including mining, health and manufacturing
  • How to grow your bootstrapped business in 2021 - 30 Sept 7-8:30pm AEST - We will deep dive into how you can start to grow your business bootstrapped or with no external funding at the beginning. We will specifically cover topics and questions around: How do I start a business from 0 dollars? How can I manage my time better between my hustle and work? How do I decide what type of business to start? How do I use my cultural heritage as a strength?
  • Uncommon Pre-Accelerator for Migrant / Refugee Founders (Uncommon Collective) - October - We know there are all kinds challenges for emerging or first time migrant/refugee founders and creators face when building their side hustle business or startup. This free 5-week program gives you access to tailored mentoring, a business buddy, masterclasses, and resources to turn your business idea into reality.


We’re also seeking Expressions of Interest if you’d like to host an event in collaboration with Parpera for our community. This could be anything from how to automate your business flows, to managing your mental health as a business owner. This’ll be a great way to meet other business owners, share ideas, and promote your brand.

Please email if you’re interested or comment below. Please also comment below any events you’d like to share!