Developing your end-of-year career checklist, leveraging body language, addressing startup isolation and more

Hello Parpera members! With 2022 round the corner, we’ve curated some awesome events to help you reach your business goals in the new year.


  • Startup Isolation - Addressing the ‘elephant in the room’ (Foundwell x Sydney Startup Hub) - 8 Dec 11am-12.30pm AEST - Every founder knows that running a startup can be lonely and isolating work. Nobody understands what you’re going through, the sleepless nights, the financial worries, and no one to bounce your ideas with. You feel isolated. The event will cover: What startup loneliness is and how it impacts founder’s wellbeing and your business?, how Foundwell is innovating the landscape to address this issue, wellbeing facts, share founder stories, and give you the opportunity to connect and network at the end of the session.
  • Attention Goal-Getters: How to Develop Your End-of-Year Career Checklist (General Assembly) - 14 Dec 3.30-4.30pm AEST - The end of the year is a perfect time to recharge and reflect, look back at the past year, and plan for what’s to come. It can also be a great time to set up career plans for the coming year: seek a promotion, ask for a raise or consider starting a new path. This webinar will help you explore how to develop an end-of-year career checklist and plan for your future goals and career aspirations. Learn what to include in your checklist and how to keep yourself accountable and motivated to keep checking off that list.
  • Leveraging Body Language - Creating Influence & Impact in the Workplace (General Assembly) - 15 Dec 3.30-4.30pm AEST - When talking about communication, there’s one key factor that most tend to miss and that is the importance of non-verbal communication in the form of your body language. This simple but crucial aspect of communication is often the key differentiation point between a good and an excellent communicator. Join international Keynote Speaker & three-times Cannes Lions Award-winning marketer, Anser Aly as he draws upon his varied global experience across multiple Fortune 500 companies to share his secrets for how you can decode, understand and use nonverbal cues to build your presence at work.
  • Marie-Kondo Your Career: Making Sure Your Job Sparks Joy (General Assembly) - 7 Jan 2-3pm AEST - “Do your things spark joy?” was a liberating mantra that echoed throughout 2020. Going into 2021, the same expression is one that should be taken seriously concerning your career trajectory. Join us in our webinar as we help you understand the dimensions that influence joy in your career, how to prioritise your career goals and let go of what isn’t serving you, and how to organise your approach to go closer to your ambitions.

Please comment or post any events you’d like to share!