📕 Curating world-class resources for first-time founders: Entrepreneur Goutham Bandaru

Goutham Bandaru is the founder of Founders’ Book - the world’s largest collection of tools and resources for first-time founders to turn any idea into a unicorn. The idea is not to build a unicorn on day one, but to spark the habit of watching the space, experimenting and collaboration that may lead to building a unicorn. In this co-design session, we had the pleasure of chatting to Goutham about his business banking.

Key takeaways:

:iphone: A mobile-first platform is optimal for quick check-ins - Goutham prefers using his mobile phone so that he can check his transactions whenever (e.g before bed). → “Everything out of a mobile phone is perfect”.

:hourglass: Manually reconciling transactions can be time-consuming - Goutham manually reconciles his transactions and uses various tools including Xero which can take a couple hours per week. He’s seeking a way to automate this process as his sales grows.

:bar_chart: Visualising cashflow is key for business owners - Having the right amount of insights helps any business owner to pulse check where money is incoming and outgoing. When reviewing Parpera’s app, Goutham says “It’s not too much information. It’s not too little information. It’s exactly how i want it”.

Thanks so much for your time Goutham!

You can download Parpera today at get.parpera.com/app

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