Creating products for fintech: Co-designing with Atif Iqbal

Atif Iqbal works as a fintech product management consultant. In this co-design session we speak to him to get his insights on how he manages his invoices and tax obligations.

Key takeaways:

:mantelpiece_clock: Reusing invoices can save me time - Atif currently uses MS Word to prepare his invoices. He typically uses the same template every month and only updates the descriptions of the items when sending a new invoice. With Parpera he can reduce his invoicing time to seconds by allowing him to reuse, duplicate, and send an existing client invoice all within the Parpera App.

:receipt: Separating money for tax makes it easier to manage business money - Atif has 2 different bank accounts to help manage his expenses so he can save for tax time and not overspend. He tags his transactions in a spreadsheet for his accountant to mark them as tax deductible. With Paparera he can easily categorise and mark transactions as tax deductible and can easily export the transactions to Xero or his accountant. Soon, he’ll be able to use Parpera to estimate his tax and automatically set aside some of his income for tax time, all in the one account.

:bulb: Invoice reminders are helpful - Atif would like push notifications to remind him when invoices are overdue so he doesn’t need to keep track of himself and can easily send customised reminder emails to his clients. Coming soon!

Thank you for your time Atif, we loved co-designing with you!!

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