๐Ÿ’ก Consulting for the future: Co-designing with Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy has just started his freelancing as a marketing and branding consultant. He was searching for financial and accounting software when he came across Parpera through Startup Daily. In this co-design session, we chat to him about what he was looking for when setting up his business.

Key takeaways:

:bar_chart: Not every business needs an expensive accounting package - Dave found that an accounting software subscription would cost him a hefty $200-300/year. When he came across Parperaโ€™s on-the-go categorisation tools, he found our pricing of $15/month (or $135/year) to be a lot cheaper than market alternatives.

:receipt: Invoicing may occur in part payments - Dave expects to send 2-3 invoices a month, charging 50% upfront to his clients and the other 50% upon completion.

:writing_hand: Adding notes to invoices is useful - Dave would like the option to add invoice notes to his invoices to help with recordkeeping and customisation.

Thanks so much for sharing your insights Dave!

You can download Parpera today at get.parpera.com/app

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