Co-design with Mark Conway, Surface Accounting

A big thank you to our Parpera waitlist member Mark Conway of Surface Accounting for joining us for today’s co-designing session!

Getting valuable feedback from our community members like Mark, goes a long way in improving our app to better serve our community.

Key takeaways:

:point_right: Speed of payments remains a key pain point for business owners - “I’ve been invoicing mainly through Stripe…delays in processing”

:point_right: Existing accounting software lack appealing invoice designs - “Not much control over how invoices look…feels like an afterthought, but it is a reflection of the business”

:point_right: Parpera is tackling these challenges head-on
“The functionality [of Parpera] is better than expected…it’ll be useful as not every business owner needs a full blown financial software package like Xero”

Thanks so much for your awesome insights Mark!

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