$1,000,000 raised, thank you!

$1,000,000 raised! :tada:

We closed our second and final tranche of $200,000 in equity crowdfunding on Friday, within 3 hours of opening up for investment on Equitise!

To our 52 new shareholders, thank you for your investment, we’re excited to welcome you as co-owners of Parpera!

And to our local and global community of businesses and supporters, we really appreciate your encouragement and support throughout the raise! :earth_asia: :pray:t2:

Again, on behalf of our whole team, THANK YOU – we’re excited to share the journey with you! :rocket:

Finally, thank you to the team at Equitise for facilitating a smooth and successful equity crowdfunding campaign, we appreciate your hard work and efforts in completing the raise! @sophiem :slight_smile:


Very exciting!! Welcome to the new shareholders of Parpera and great work Daniel and team! :partying_face:

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Well done Daniel and the Team! I’m know I’m excited to be a Parpera investor. I’m so glad there was a second round, I got distracted and missed the first one :see_no_evil:

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Congratulations Daniel, really pleased to see the demand for this type of product out there in the community and super excited to watch as things take shape. Out of interest, does the additional $200k unlock any additional features or otherwise in the short term roadmap?

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Thanks Justin, really appreciate your investment and support!

Very happy to hear you made it into the second round! :tada:

Looking forward to sharing the journey - exciting times ahead! :rocket: :raised_hands:t2:

Thanks Dean, much appreciated!

There’s no specific change yet in the short-term product roadmap, however, we’ll continue to assess this as we progress and gather feedback from our community. Where possible we’ll always seek to increase the quality of our solution and the value it delivers to our members.

Now that we’ve closed out the funding round we’ve rapidly shifted to delivery. We’re excited to share more on this over the coming weeks! :slight_smile:

Congrats. Great to be part of tranche 2. Look forward to the journey. Cheers

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Thanks @Luckyphil! Very lucky and grateful to have you as an investor and on our journey! :wink:

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